Maine Ships In Bottles by Dana Perkins
Dana Perkins, Ship In A Bottle Maker
Ship In A BottleWhile most of my work is as a commercial artist and graphic designer, I am also a skilled model maker. I usually make my models "from scratch". I got my start by making ships in bottles for family members, and later, for a whiskey company. The smallest ship in a bottle I've done so far is a pirate ship inside a "nip" bottle, complete with several cannon and a "jolly roger" flag.

I am now offering to make ships in bottles for the general public. The price for a ship in a standard 750 ml wine bottle is $300. Because I usually use bottles that are proportionately longer than the champagne-style bottle shown in the photo, each ship in a bottle includes a miniature pier with a fishing shack with the ship of your choice, which makes for a fascinating little scene! Standard ships include Old Ironsides, Cutty Sark, The Mayflower, The H.M.S. Bounty, or a Pirate Ship. The name of the ship is on an engraved solid brass plate mounted on the wooden base. If you want a different ship from those listed, tell me what you want and I can give you a quote. The champagne-style bottles don't have room for the pier and fishing shack, but I'm able to put a larger ship inside them. You can choose whichever style you want, or provide your own bottle and I'll make something to fit it. More photos will be posted on this web site shortly. Because I work on several ships in bottles at the same time it usually takes me about two to three weeks to fill an order, and you will receive photos by email of the work in progress.

The deadline for Christmas orders is the end of October because I also do arts and crafts fairs during that time of year. There's no such thing as a "rush job" unless I happen to have a finished ship in a bottle already on hand. Each ship in a bottle comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Payment can be made by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. A 50 percent deposit is required when you place your order; the balance is due upon completion. If you want a cheap, generic ship in a bottle from China, I sell those, too; $19.95 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling. Contact info: Dana Perkins, 124 Main St., Biddeford, ME 04005. Tel. (207) 283-6480. Email:

House In A BottleI also make houses in bottles and lighthouses in bottles. The house shown here is inside a one gallon jug, and it has more than 1,000 pieces. The house was actually assembled inside the bottle! If you have a favorite or famous building you'd like to have me put inside a bottle, please let me know. Depending upon the size and complexity, a house or lighthouse built inside a one gallon bottle could cost $3,000 or more and it takes four to six weeks to make. A much smaller, simpler house inside a half pint bottle would be about $250. Half gallon glass jugs are also available in case you want something "in between". Let me know what you want and what size, and I'll give you a quote. Houses and lighthouses in bottles also come with a satisfaction money back guarantee!
Friendship Sloop ModelOf course, the models I make don't need to be inside of bottles. If you need miniature landscapes, historical dioramas, or something similar, I have the tools, skills and experience to create what you need from wood, foam, metal, clay, plaster and other materials. Here is a wooden model of a "Friendship sloop", one of Maine's earlier lobster boats before diesel power came along. And if you have ideas for new products or construction projects that don't exist yet, models can be a great way to present your concepts!
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