Custom Ships In Bottles and Other Bottle Projects, Made In New England By Maine Craftsman Dana Perkins

A big portion of my work is commissioned pieces that are individually designed and handcrafted. Projects might be corporate logos such as the Rocket In A Bottle shown here, historical pieces such as American Civil War ships like the Virginia or the Monitor, a privately owned yacht, or even a ship of genealogical significance such as the Mayflower or the Astoria. One customer had me construct a detailed Pirate Ship inside his favorite brand of rum bottle. I've also done Blackbeard's ship the "Queen Anne's Revenge," and I'm currently working on the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan, complete with tiny sailors harpooning a whale! Custom bottle projects require a deposit of at least $100 and CANNOT be rushed under ANY circumstances. You will also receive photos of the work while it's in progress. All work is guaranteed. You may click on any photo for a larger view.

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