Handcrafted Houses In Bottles Made In New England By Maine Craftsman Dana Perkins

If you're not a fan of nautical items, I also make individually designed and handcrafted Houses In Bottles built to order. These could be anything from an historical building, a favorite childhood home, or even a gingerbread house!  Bottles can be just about any size you want, from a small one you can easily hold in your hand to larger sizes such as a half gallon, one gallon, or even larger! Prices depend upon the size of the bottle you want, as well as the complexity of the house you want me to build inside it. Right now I'm working on a House In A Bottle that has no rear wall, so the interior of the house can be seen like a Doll House! The Houses In Bottles shown here range in price from $150 for the smallest up to $4,000 for the largest. If you decide to contact me for an estimate, please be ready to describe the type of house you want as well as any other important details, such as "clothesline in the backyard" or "children's toys scattered in the front yard". Or maybe you want to include flower boxes or a vegetable garden! You may click on any photo for a larger view.

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