Traditional  Handcrafted Ships In Bottles Made In New England By Maine Craftsman Dana Perkins

I do my best to keep a variety of "standard" Ships In Bottles available through a companion web site where people can order them online. I am currently restocking, and I will post the link to that web site when more of them are completed. Prices range from $45 for the smallest and simplest to $350 or more. Standard ships include a Pirate Ship, the Mayflower, the U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironsides"), H.M.S. Bounty and Cutty Sark. Pictured here are the U.S.S. Constitution, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, as well as a fleet of miniature Ships In Bottles. Notice the quarter I placed in the photo with the miniatures so you can have a size comparison. You may click on any photo for a larger view.

© 2016 Dana R. Perkins